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Ensure Digital Security for your projects and participate in our Membership Program, with member-only benefits. UpSecure customers have even more benefits available.



We Have Years of Scalable Digital Security Expertise.

With UpSecure, you get real-time, tailored tracking to ensure your projects and applications are within compliance and set parameters. In addition, you'll get automatic analysis and reporting by our AI.



Technology for digital security monitoring of your projects.

With our artificial intelligence, monitoring is done in real-time and according to previously established guidelines and constant reporting, and manual inspection by TFX.


Exclusive Solutions

Tailored for You and Your Business to Grow Safely.

With our Solutions à la Carte, you ensure that your website, blog, database, intranet, extranet, and others are properly protected from digital threats and potential security breaches in your project.

UpSecure Websites


Complete B2B and B2C solutions to ensure your website is protected and following the appropriate security standards.

UpSecure CRM


Solutions for CRM systems to protect sensitive information and safeguard your company's compliance.

UpSecure Compliance & Laws


Ensure your Business is fit and compliant with digital security with LGPD, GDPR, PIPEDA, APPS, and APPI.

UpSecure 2FA

2FA & QR Code

Custom solutions for projects and businesses that require Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and QR Code Authentication.

It is important to note that each solution is individually customized so that the customer has the best product according to their actual needs at the moment, and can scale at any time with the UpSecure markup.

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We are available to assist you with our customized solutions for your current demands. If you prefer, you can schedule a call or contact us by email.

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With our UpSecure product, you and your business are protected and guaranteed with real-time tracking. That way you can focus on what matters most: your business.

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